Eastern Practice In North East Fife
Martial arts and meditation taught in a western style
Train in a style that suits your goals.
  1. Learn about Tai Chi and Chi Gong . Find strength, health and emotional stability through relaxation, deep breathing and purposeful movement. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
  2. Learn how to generate power through your entire body. Learn boxing, pad work and footwork to throws and grappling. This class focuses on technique, flexibility, fitness and conditioning.
  3. Learn about boxing, Sanda and joint locks, as well as practical win chun, baji and traditional shoalin kungfu. Create strength and find confidence. Discover what works for you. A training programme will be discussed to suite to your needs.
Tai Chi and Chi Gong
Sanda (Chinese kick boxing)
Self Defence
James Russell
 I am a qualified mechanical engineer graduating from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh in 2012 .
Before university, I spent 3 months in China at a martial arts academy and  2 months in Thailand studying tai kickboxing.
Working for a year in the private sector and feeling unfulfilled  with engineering, I decided to return  to China.
I travelled to Henan Province, to an ancient Buddhist Monastery, the home of Shaolin and a UNESCO World Heritage Site Shaolin Temple.
Training under Shifu Shi Yan Jun, a 34th generation shoalin warrior monk and 17th generation disciple, I gained a rich and fulfilling experience in a number of the martial arts over a period of twelve months.
I am now teaching martial arts and helping people become more in tune with themselves in both body and mind.
Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy.
A clip made by Jeremie Colineaux, another student at the school. The film shows the types of training involved and the fun we all experienced there. I feature in the video.
If you are interested in the school please visit http://kungfushaolins.com/